Viburnum carlesii ‘Carlesii’

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Viburnum carrlesii is one of the most fragrant shrubs you can own.  A very flexible plant that will take both sun and shade and is even tolerant of black walnut.  Normally grows to the 5 to 6 foot range but can get a little larger in good growing conditions. Does respond well to pruning.  This variety is one of the first plants to show bloom in the spring which start with red buds and open up to a bright white (flowers are 3″ across).  The flowers do eventually form blueish black berries but they are almost not noticeable.  Not known for its fall color but some seasons it can show a nice bronze, reddish hue as a bonus.  One of the top ten sellers in most nurseries across the US and for good reason.

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USDA Hardiness Zone(s): AnHFa1v
Berry Color:
 Bluish Black, Non Showy
Size (Height X Width):
 4-6 feet x 4-7 feet
Exposure:  Full Sun to Part Shade
Bloom Time(s):
 March to April
Growth Rate:
 Slow to Medium
Native Country:
 Korea, Japan
Flowering Season(s):
Flower Color:
 Red Buds, White Flowers
Full Botanical Name:
 VIBURNUM carlesii

Garden Uses: Good as a hedge or as a specimen. Plant in groups or mix with other broadleaf shrubs. Can be grown in shrub form or trimmed into a single stem tree. Best Reason to own:  Fragrant Flowers.:


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