Viburnum cylindricum -Tubeflower



Most of us love mild temperatures, and this Viburnum is no different. Tubeflower Viburnum is hardy to USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 7a, so don’t try planting this in the northern Midwest or Northeastern parts of the United States. The glossy foliage is so waxy that one can actually scratch off the wax with a nail or sharp object. In addition to its glossiness, the foliage is evergreen. Enjoy the purple-tinted white flowers that provide stimulation through both sight and scent.

US Hardiness Zone:7a
Berry Color: Black, sparse
Size (Height/Width)8-12 ft tall
10-15 ft wide
Exposure:Full sun to part shade
Bloom Time(s):Mid to late June
Growth Rate:Average
Native Country:China, Burma, Malaysia, India, Himalayas
Flowering Season:Late Spring, early Summer
Flower Color:Purplish-white
Full Botanical Name:Viburnum cylindricum Tubeflower Viburnum

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