Viburnum dilatatum – Linden



Linden Viburnum is a solid choice for the garden, offering different seasonal interests. Showy flowers, pretty fruit, and fall color ranging from burgundy, red, and purple make this an eye-catching plant from spring through fall. Borers can be an issue, but other insects and diseases tend to be a non-factor. Viburnum dilatatum does best in slightly acidic, moist soil with good drainage.

US Hardiness Zone:5b
Berry Color: Glossy Red
Size (Height/Width)8-10 ft tall
Exposure:Sun to part shade
Bloom Time(s):Late May to Early June
Growth Rate:
Native Country:United States
Flowering Season:Spring
Flower Color:White
Full Botanical Name:Viburnum dilatatum

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Content Sources: Virginia Tech Dept. of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Gary Kling – University of Illinois

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  1. Sonia

    I attended an Audubon sporosned lecture last night about landscaping for birds and other wildlife and the speaker answered someone’s request asking for plant suggestions with this: Oh, I can recommend dozens of plants that are great for the birds and other wildlife. They are viburnum, viburnum, viburnum, etc. You get the idea. Thanks for letting us in on Mary Milton’~ with some pruning, I could keep her to a size appropriate for my small backyard garden. Love the pink blush color!

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