Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosa ‘Molly Schroeder’



Consistently pink floral displays each year make ‘Molly Schroeder’ fairly unique among Viburnums and one to definitely consider for your garden. This Viburnum tends to rebloom during the late Summer or early Fall as well, so its floral beauty is not as fleeting as other Viburnums. Enjoy the fragrant flowers and the wine-red autumn leaf color on this cultivar. With its deer resistance and attractiveness to butterflies, ‘Molly Schroeder’ is a solid pick for rural landscapes or urban landscapes near woods.

US Hardiness Zone:5a
Berry Color: Red maturing to black (Rare fruit production)
Size (Height/Width)8 ft tall
5 ft wide
Exposure:Full sun to part shade
Bloom Time(s):Mid to late May
Growth Rate:Slow to average
Native Country:Cultivar (No native area)
Flowering Season:Late Spring
Flower Color:Pinkish creamy white
Full Botanical Name:Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosa 'Molly Schroeder'

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